7 Curious New Year’s Traditions from Around the World


Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 12.59.36 PMOur Roadschool 101 Crew done a little research this morning on new year’s traditions around the world. Here are some of their favorite facts about the curious way some cultures bring in the new year.

  • For financial success in Central or South America, break out your yellow underwear.
  • Leave a bit of food on your New Year’s dinner plate in Germany for prosperity in the coming year.
  • Need more friends in Denmark this year? Throw as many plates as you can find at your friend’s doors. The more plates you find to break, the more friendships you’ll cultivate.
  • If you are laughing when the new year arrives in Japan, good luck will be the coming fortune.
  • In Spain, eating a grape at each stroke of midnight is supposed to ward off evil and bring much success.
  • Right here in the United States, groups of brave souls flock to near freezing lakes and rivers to take the polar plunge. The ritual which takes place close to the midnight hour is believed to bring the diver good luck.

Our Roadschool 101 gang’s favorite find in today’s learning adventure was the new year’s tradition just south of the border.

  • In Mexico, carrying an empty suitcase around the block at the stroke of midnight will bring new adventures in the coming year.

No matter how you celebrated the end of 2013 and brought in 2014, Road Trip Teacher & company wish you a safe and prosperous new year.

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