Best 10 Road Trip Games in the RV

Road trips of any kind are one of the best ways to spend quality time with your family away from the distractions and stresses of everyday routines. The Roadschool 101 Crew is on the road for many roadschool days during the year. Although everyone in our rig plans for travel days by charging their electronics, my favorite part of this portion of our journey is anything with no batteries required! Here is a list of the Roadschool 101 Crew’s Top 10 Best Road Trip Games in the RV.

Imaginary Hide and Go Seek. Imagine you are in your house, as in your RV. Quick… find a place to hide! Because you can be any size in this game, you can hide wherever your imagination takes you! Inside the refrigerator or under a throw rug aren’t off limits in this version of an old favorite. The seeker(s) must ask yes or no questions to find the hider. Whoever guesses correctly first, wins the game.

Counting Cows. Are you driving through the country? Players count the number of cows they see on their side of the RV. If you pass a cemetery, that side loses all their cows and must start over. If you pass a red barn, that side doubles the number of cows spotted there. The side with the most cows at the end of the road trip wins. (In a different locale? Instead of cows, count horses, deer, dogs, or anything else that works in its place.)

I Spy. While everyone is confined to a smaller space, spy something that no one else sees. The player exclaims, “I spy with my little eye, something that…” Other players guess until someone spots it too. Remember, you can spy ANYthing and describe it by color, shape or even texture to make it more challenging. In the long version of I Spy, players keep track of how many each has spotted correctly. Whomever spots the most correctly, wins the game.

Categories. Pick a category such as places, vegetables, or even song titles. The first player names something in that category. The next player names something in the same category that starts with the last letter of the first player’s item. Players are eliminated if they cannot come up with a word until the winner remains.Repeat words are not allowed. For a fast paced version of the game, have someone be the official “timer” and set a number of seconds each player has to say their word.

Banana! This game doesn’t require much thought; however, keen observation is a necessary skill! First, someone assigns points for yellow vehicles. For example, cars might be 1 point, semi trucks might be 2 points, contruction equipment might be 5 points, and a school bus might be 10 points. If your roadschoolers are learning to count by 5s or 10s, use multiples of these numbers when assigning points. The first person to spot a passing yellow vehicle, gets the points. Set a time limit according to your players attention spans so that the person with the most “banana” points during the period wins the game.

Mad Libs. The first step in mad libs is to fill out a list of random words by the part of speech they represent. Next, you plug the words into a story for a ridiculously funny version. This word game is a great roadschool tool as it covers grammar, parts of speech, and vocabulary while getting lots of laughs along the way. Print the free mad libs story the Roadschool 101 Crew made up for patriotic craziness!

Alphabet Game.  Pick a category such as animals, food, or U.S. cities. Starting with the letter A, the first player must name an object from that category. The next player does the same with an object that begins with B, and so on until the letter Z. To make the game more challenging, each player can recite the objects before his letter so that as the game progressed, players have to recall all objects from A to Z. Keep playing until someone cannot think of a word!

Going on a Picnic. The first player recites “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…” and adds something that starts with the letter A (such as apples.) The next player repeats the first object and adds his own that begins with the letter B (such as bologna) and recites “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing apples and bologna.” The game continues from A to Z. Players are eliminated if they cannot remember an item in the correct order. The last player to correctly recite the list of picnic items, wins. For a different variation of this game, use “I’m going to the grocery and I’m buying…” or “I’m going on a road trip so I’m bringing…”

Where Am I? Play this guessing game as a great way to recollect places visited on previous road trips. Think of a place everyone in the RV has visited together. Give clues about the location by revealing just a detail or two about the memory. Each person in the RV can ask only “yes” or “no” questions about the secret location. The goal is for the players to guess the answer in 20 questions or less. Variations of this game include Who Am I? by guessing family members, Disney characters, or historical figures.

 License Plate Game. This is a road trip game that will require some sort of planning. Each time someone spots the license plate from one of the fifty states, that state is crossed off the list. Get a free printable for the license plate game here. One of the very first items I purchased for our rig, was the Melissa & Doug License Plate Game. It is still a favorite in our family!

License Plate Game

Don’t forget to keep a frisbee or football handy for rest stop exercise. It’s amazing what 15 minutes of leg stretching and random yelling can do for couped up kiddos. Unplug your family on your next road trip. You’ll be surprised at just how much good ‘ole-fashioned family fun everyone can enjoy.

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