Someone once said “If you think sunshine brings you happiness, then you haven’t danced in the rain.” That’s just another great example of the ways the Roadschool Mom‘s team encourages you to change your perspective! This week, while so much of the country is being showered with record-breaking amounts of rain, we are sharing our top […]

The Road Trip Teacher has a bag of tricks. We do not go anywhere without the Road Trip Teacher bag. Because we love lapbooks, many of the items in our bag are geared toward this way of learning. We take this bag wherever we go and always have what we need on our roadtrip to […]

If you are homeschooling, you are probably keeping some sort of attendance record. In many states, it is a requirement. (State requirements for homeschooling can be found at Each of my kiddos keep a binder. In the front of each binder is a page protector with this document for each of them to complete […]

Roadschool organization is a daily chore in our rig. Our preschooler loves puzzles. Whether your are in a house or in an RV, toys with pieces are hard to keep track of. When we were packing up this last time to go on the road, we knew we would be gone several months. Puzzles weren’t […]

Roadschool 101:  Organize your Learner. I have one number and two words for you.  3-Ring Binder. I’ll admit to buying all kinds of crazy notions over the years to organize all kinds of everything. I’ve bought all kinds of gadgets. I’ve used all kinds of creations. I’ve copycatted all kinds of must have organizational systems from all […]

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