Cursive Copywork Edition Released for ABCs of America’s National Parks Guide

ABCs Cover Cursive

After many requests for a cursive edition of the recently released ABCs of America’s National Parks product, Road Trip Teacher has released the first in a series of cursive copywork guides this week. The ABCs of America’s National Parks is designed to help your roadschooler practice cursive handwriting skills while writing facts about America’s national parks that take him or her through 26 key facts from A to Z. A short history of the National Park Service is also covered to introduce the government agency that maintains the 84 million acres of national park land in the United States. A short list of vocabulary words are included with the guide for spelling practice as well as a clear definition of words commonly associated with national park facts. Word puzzles are also included along with answer keys.

The Roadschool 101 crew uses copywork in many subjects to:

  • Practice penmanship
  • Reinforce facts and ideas while learning
  • Improves spelling
  • Expands vocabulary
  • Teaches language structure and style
  • Refines grammar skills
  • Enhances memorization of simple facts

We printed the pages of The ABCs of America’s National Parks copywork guide and bound it together in a booklet. The book will be used in two ways for each of our roadschoolers. By dating the collection of handwriting, it will be kept with other such projects as a record of each student’s work. It’s fun to compare handwriting progress and can be reviewed for years to come. It is also used as reference material for future projects. The pages of the handwritten guide gives each roadschooler the freedom to learn what is interesting to him or her and enjoy the pursuit of knowledge. For example, someone in our rig was intrigued with the fact that Olympic marmots only live in one place in the whole wide world! An entire week was spent by that learner exploring the animal’s facts, the ecosystem it lives in, and the national park that it calls home.

The ABCs of America’s National Parks is available in a cursive edition as well as a print edition. A combination pack can be downloaded for both sets of copy work for roadschoolers who need both. Free sample pages can be viewed in the Learning Shop.  The cursive version is recommended for grades 4-6, the print version is recommended for grades 1-3, and either guide can be used for all ages.

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