Fulltime Families Announces 2016 Toy of the Year


As a fulltime Rving family, the Road Trip Teacher crew is always looking for fun but engaging games that are space friendly in our home on wheels. Every year about this time, we are on the edge of our seat  for the Fulltime Families Toy of the Year reveal. The 2016 pick is the award-winning ThinkFun game Gravity Maze.

What we especially love about this game is that it is designed to be a single player game. For this crew, that means if you’re done with your roadschool schedule for the day, you don’t have to wait for someone else to play. On the other hand, it’s also super fun to play with someone else. Because we are just a little lot competitive in this house, we are actually thinking of buying a second game to hold head-to-head challenges.

Our roadschoolers have already asked and yes, the Road Trip Teacher has confirmed! Gravity Maze meets the criteria for the science portion of a typical roadschool day in our rig. That’s a win-win for everyone!

For more details on how this game made it to the top of the Fulltime Families list, click here and you’ll also find out how to win yourself the 2016 Toy of the Year.

If you’re a traveling family and aren’t familiar with this camping club, visit FulltimeFamilies.com to find out why this is the most important membership in our collection!

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