Let’s Go! Beach Scavenger Hunt

If the beach is in your plans for your next road trip, take a few minutes to plan a scavenger hunt for your crew. If you want to involve your learners in the process, have them decorate a paper sack, jar or ziploc bag to collect their fabulous seaside finds. Or as an alternative, purchase an inexpensive waterproof camera for each hunter so a picture can be snapped when items on the list are found. After your beach day adventure, the pictures can be compiled along with journaling or creative writing for the perfect summer memory book.

summery memory book

Once you decide on how your gang will search, record, and collect the items discovered from the seashore, print out several copies of the Road Trip Teacher’s free printable for the Beach Scavenger Hunt. Don’t forget to gather enough pencils, crayons, or markers for everyone.

This is the Roadschool 101 crew’s favorite way to spend a day at the beach. ¬†Here’s the waterproof cameras that we found to record our last adventure in Southwest Florida!

 Fujifilm Camera

Let’s Go! Beach Scavenger Hunt

Beach Scavenger Hunt

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