Notebooking Pages Navigate New Learning Adventures

We make no bones about it! Notebooking pages have transformed the course of roadschooling in our rig. What was once busy work and worksheets, have been replaced with the tools my roadschoolers need to navigate their own learning adventure! Let me explain how notebooking pages work in our rolling homeschool.

A few weeks ago, we took a day trip to Six Flags in Eureka, Missouri. Our crew is crazy, roller coaster fanatics. While in line for the Screaming Eagle, (in the front car line with only a few people ahead I might add,) the ride stopped for mechanical failure. It actually stopped twice in less than five minutes. During that time, mechanics rushed in riding golf carts and a company pickup. All three roller coaster experts rushed to the control tower, tweaked the issues on the track, and found a resolution to the problem. All the while, my 14-year old was watching. And wondering.

His first question out loud:  “I wonder how much the power bill is for this park?”  Then, “I wonder how much those guys get paid for fixing this roller coaster?”  A few minutes later, he said: “I wonder what kind of degree you have to have to be a roller coaster EXpert?!?”  Over the next few days, my roadschooler and I mapped out a detour in his 8th-grade lesson plans for this year. I am currently using the Publisher feature of Notebooking Pages to customize pages for the completely thorough research that my roadschooler is already working on.

  • Where did roller coasters originate?
  • Who designed the first one? And where?
  • What are the different kinds of coasters from wooden tracks to the most modern ones?
  • How do they work? Are there different forms of force and mechanics that make them work?
  • What are the related statistics to roller coasters in America? In the rest of the world?

What seems like a fun day at the park can easily turn into a roadschool lesson for the weekend. Or perhaps, for the whole year. Will my roadschooler be the next generation roller coaster designer or mechanic? Probably not. But maybe he will. Or maybe he will take another turn from this life learning experience that guides him to what he will be “when he grows up.”

What is my #1 resource for this roadschool adventure? Notebooking Pages. I love this resource so much, I became an affiliate of the company. I believe in it that much. The best part is the lifetime membership that is priced at $97, one-time payment. Yes, you read that right. Access to thousands of notebooking pages is granted by purchasing a single lifetime membership.

Need more encouragement?  By following this affiliate link today (Oct. 27th), a lifetime membership can be purchased for a one-time payment of $72. If that’s too much to bite off today, this fantastic resource can be split up four easy payments (follow the link for more information.) Need a bonus? There are two. The lifetime membership option includes a homeschool bonus package valued at $1000+. Finally, access to The Notebook Publisher (which I personally use weekly) is granted for a full six months. Need more details? Click the link below and let the next learning adventure begin!

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