Roadschool Moms Eight Favorite Fall Roadschool Activities

No matter where you are at in the country, fall is upon us. The Roadschool Moms team loves this season and the great opportunity for all sorts of natural learning activities that are a perfect fit for your fall roadschool plans. During this change of season, its easy to find all kinds of autumn related activities to incorporate into roadschooling lessons for all ages. Here are the Roadschool Moms 10 Favorite Fall Roadschool Activities. Just imagine all the directions your roadschooler can rabbit trail into learning more about the subjects they love!

Fall Leaf Collection. You can always take the old-fashioned fall leaf collection route and use it to study the changing of the season. Or, explore the reason why leaves change color in the fall. Our roadschoolers love science and this year we are doing an experiment to separate the colors in leaves.

Seed Projects. Collect and identify different types of seeds. This is a great reading project that can also incorporate lapbooking or notebooking to illustrate the different kinds of seeds that are produced by trees and how they spread.

Nature Hikes. A planned nature hike is fun any time of year but there’s something special about the crisp fall air and the discovery of all the things that change during this season. Road Trip Teacher backpacks have everything a roadschooler needs to collect, identify, illustrate, and discover nature in all its colored glory. It doesn’t have to be complicated. A nature scavenger hunt is a great place to start.

Apple Picking Field Trip. A trip to the local apple orchard can provide an entire day of fun for the whole family. After picking a bountiful harvest of nature’s sweet treats, there are all kinds of apple-treats that can be made and shared from your rig. Take it a step further and celebrate the story of Johnny Appleseed and see where that can take you.

Fall Math Finds. It’s hard to believe that math activities can be found in fall fun but everything from acorns to pumpkin seeds can be used for all ages to count, sort, estimate, graph, and otherwise explore.

Handwriting & Copywork. Fall is all about the harvest season and collecting some of the many verses in the bible about this time of year is a great way to recognize all the gifts of color that God gave us and how we can use these blessings from the harvest.

Fire Safety. October is fire safety month and a great way to make sure everyone in your family stays safe is to teach, talk, and repeat this important message.

Fall Art. All the brilliant colors of the season can be illustrated from your roadschoolers imagination with a chalk pastel art project. One of our favorite resources for this comes with everything you need to know from one of our favorite resources, Southern Hodgepodge.

Over the next few weeks, Kimberly and Mary Beth will be adding to this list for an even bigger variety of fun fall activities to keep your roadschool fresh!

To listen to the Roadschool Moms’ Eight Favorite Fall Roadschool Activities, tune into the October 11th episode of Roadschool Moms over at iTunes!

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