ABCs of Abraham Lincoln – Print Edition



There are many remarkable stories and myths about Abraham Lincoln and it seems that most of them are
true. This remarkable man came from humble beginnings, taught himself how to read and later how to
practice law, and eventually became the sixteenth President of the United States. He then held the country
together during one of its toughest times, the Civil War. Read more about Lincoln’s history below, including
his role in the Civil War, the Emancipation Declaration and his unfortunate death.

Our ABC guides are copywork portfolios that allow students to practice their handwriting while learning. Students will learn key facts from A to Z. Also included are several puzzles (with answer keys) and coloring sheets.

Learn more about the life of “Honest Abe,” as well as many more fascinating facts about the sixteenth
President in the ABC’s of Abraham Lincoln.

42 Pages


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