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In 1804, President Thomas Jefferson asked Meriwether Lewis to put together an expedition to explore the lands west of the Mississippi river. This included the newly purchased Louisiana Territory. Lewis chose William Clark as his co-leader and the two men began planning and preparing for the journey. Eventually they would form the “Corps of Discovery” and travel approximately 8,000 miles to the Pacific Ocean and back. The successful expedition provided important information about the uncharted land, as well as strengthened America’s claim on the area.

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Handwriting Printables: Lewis & Clark!

Road Trip Teacher takes you on a road trip back to the 1800s with manuscript handwriting printables full of fascinating facts all about Lewis & Clark!

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Handwriting Printables: Lewis & Clark

  • Short history to the Lewis & Clark Expedition
  • Am introduction to the Louisiana Purchase
  • Interesting nuggets of information
  • Fun facts from A to Z (26 copywork printables)

Plus! Every ABC guide includes a combined listing of key facts, vocabulary, word puzzles (with answer keys), and coloring pages.

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