ABCs of Owls – Print Edition



Owls are part of the raptor family, along with hawks and eagles. These birds of prey all have sharp talons and curved bills which allow them to hunt, kill and eat other animals. However, owls have some fascinating features which set them apart. These unique features, along with their striking appearance and distinct nighttime hooting call, have made owls a favorite animal of storytellers and researchers alike.

  • Owls can Rotate their Heads 270 Degrees
  • Owls are Great Hunters
  • Owls come in all Different Sizes and Colors

Our ABC guides are copywork portfolios that allow students to practice their handwriting while learning. Students will learn key facts from A to Z. Also included are several puzzles (with answer keys) and coloring sheets.

Learn more about these magnificent and interesting animals as well as many more fascinating facts in the
ABC’s of Owls.

42 Pages


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