ABCs of the Circus – Print Edition



The Circus is coming to town! What can you learn from it? You might be surprised! Do you know the history behind this spectacle of entertainment coming to a city near you? What began as an equestrian show, eventually developed into one of the greatest displays of creativity, daring, comedy and pure entertainment. The traveling circus brought these unique acts to towns, big and small, fascinating people of all walks of life around the world. Here is a short history on what’s been called,
“The Greatest Show on Earth.”

The Road Trip Teacher takes you back to where this story began. Learn something new every day.  Download and Go!

Our ABC guides are copywork portfolios that allow students to practice their handwriting while learning. Students will learn key facts from A to Z. Also included are several puzzles (with answer keys) and coloring sheets.

Learn more about these exciting circus acts as well as many more fascinating circus facts in the ABC’s of The Circus.

47 Pages


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