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Today, taking a road trip may seem old-fashioned and nostalgic. However, in the 1930’s, when there were few paved roads and fewer true highways, a road trip was an adventure. In the late 1930’s, Route 66, one of the original highways in the U.S. Highway System, was finished and stretched from Chicago to Los Angeles. Soon, the modern American road trip began to take shape and the construction of the Interstate Highway System, which began in 1956, made traveling long distances by car even more easier and enjoyable. Read below about several of the United State’s Highways that have made for some pretty epic road trips over the years.

Route 66
The Overseas Highway
The Pacific Coast Highway
The Road to Hana

Learn more about these amazing road trip highways as well as many more fascinating facts about United
States Highways in the ABC’s of U.S. Highways.

Our ABC guides are copywork portfolios that allow students to practice their handwriting while learning. Students will learn key facts from A to Z. Also included are several puzzles (with answer keys) and coloring sheets.

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