Presidents Day Copywork (Print & Cursive Edition)



The ABCs of United States Presidents is a copywork portfolio to help your child practice handwriting skills while writing facts about America’s Presidents that take him or her through 26 key facts from A to Z. A short history of Presidents Day, beginner’s vocabulary list, elementary vocabulary list, advanced vocabulary list, and word puzzles (along with answer keys) is also included. Designed for Grades 1-3 in the print edition and Grades 4-7 in the cursive edition; but, can be used for all ages.

Print pages and bind for a collection of your students handwriting to keep as a reference for future projects. Print pages, punch, and keep in a 3-ring binder for the same accomplishment. Or, use pages singly as needed for a launch pad to encourage self-led learning. Copywork facts and supplemental activities can be used in various ways to reinforce geographical facts, vocabulary, spelling, and more.

Additional language arts directives can be added such as using vocabulary words in complete sentences, creative writing using the vocabulary list, and putting the vocabulary words in alphabetical order. After completing the ABC Presidential Facts, some students might take an interest in a particular President or topic to do additional research on. For example, after completing the “G” fact in this guide, a student might be interested in collecting all the Presidents who are depicted on U.S. money.  This copywork study guide can be used as a springboard for an entire themed unit on the Presidents of the United States and related information.

38 pages print edition, 38 pages cursive edition

76 pages total


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